Anjung Warisan Restaurant

+ the design of the restaurant is very unique + like a garden theme +
+ atas pokok style/ tree top dining + address below..+
+ located at area Hyatt Hotel, JB +

+anklung... the song of "buluh".. yeke? its very cool..:D + play when customer eat +

+busana johor for exhibition+

+ why this foto look alike..?? pian2..hahaha..+

+pian with grunge style+

+bang chik n akram n pian n najib tired after eat lot of Nasi Beriani Gam (that night special menu)+

Anjung Warisan Restaurant 
JKR296, Jln Petri, Kampung Tarom
Johor Bahru Johor 80100 
Tel: 07-222 1099

(hope this will help)


aQram said...

AFUNDI TOI ye kengkawan

p/s:xle nak berkawad bole lagu abes pulak!!~~!

RMA said...

hahaha.. sape la lambat masuk baris..:P

E-Tavasi said...

Oh RMA you got the pic here... wah.. you must be the one who is good in playing angklung :D hope you can teach me :)

RMA said...

i'm not the one.. hehe..

applepie said...

anjung warisan was one of d best spot to lepakz @ missed d place so muchhhhhhh...

RMA said...

best place 4 eating and enjoying anklung.. :)

-n E y r A- said...

haha. anjung warisan? dunia anita!!

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