Love StrUcK

How happy you have made my life with joy, You have brighten my way.
Your Gift for making clouds roll by and lighting up each day.
How blessed I'm to see your face, the happiness you show.
Your the dearest one to me. The ONE that I LOVE so.
by: hamizah


_neo_ said...

lalala love you 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,910!

a Q r a m said...

love u rma...~~

p/s:ade baldi x?

RMA said...

btol ker? kuang2x..

love u tooo..:P
knape nk baldi lak??

Cuk said...

matwe dilamun cinta...wakakak

iNi DunIakU said...

gile kental ayat.. huhuh...

ps~i'm using da pic for my laptop.. huhuh

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